Backup Systems

What it is

Backup System

The solution for power cuts is Sunlabob’s clean power Backup System. When power cuts off, the system continues providing electricity without interruption (from 1 hour up to 4 days). Consisting of batteries and electrical devices, the Backup System is suitable for customers who need a constant power supply to run a business, to run sensitive devices (e.g. hospital equipment) and protect IT hardware and software from immediate power cuts. Diesel generators are noisy and often inefficient and unreliable.

Sunlabob Backup Systems perfectly fill the gap and secures constant power supply during unforeseen power cuts.

How it works

The Inverter consists of a sine wave inverter with a high overload capacity, a battery charger and a transfer system.

The in-built multifunctional contact allows you to start a diesel generator to recharge batteries or to cut the power for less priority loads when the battery is lower than a given threshold.

The integrated power sharing function ensures that the transfer system always provides the connected loads with the desired power.


The backup system can be used to support solar grid connected systems so the loads will still be powered even if the public electricity grid fails. The backup system can also be used in buildings, such as offices and hospitals, to ensure that there is still power in case the public electricity grid fails.