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Energy Audit


An energy efficiency audit assesses your factory, building, office, etc. to identify areas where energy could be used more efficiently. Thus energy efficiency seeks to reduce the amount of energy input into a building, always fitting the most positive solutions to boost the outcomes of your business.

It is senseless producing energy that is going to be wasted.

Be a sustainable GREEN organisation

Energy production and consumption is directly linked to climate change and it is becoming increasingly important for companies to save energy and put in place environmental protection measures. Embracing energy efficiency would improve your marketability on a national and international scale. It can be part of your CSR strategy to improve your public image.

Make savings of up to 50%

Efficient use of energy in buildings can save up to 50% on energy consumption. A more energy efficient workplace can improve comfort in buildings, secure more profitability to your business by reducing your fix costs.

Energy Improvements for your business Payback Time
Replace incandescent light bulbs with CFLs 8 months
Replace halogen spotlights with LEDs 8 months
Retrofit efficient fluorescent tubes less than 1 year
Radiative insulation 2.5 years
Door and window sealing 1.5 years
Behaviour training 1-1.5 years
Network computing less than 2 years
Notice boards to encourage energy efficient behavior     1 year

Be a LEADER in the field on responsible use of resources in Laos

Your company can be a green company, a company that cares about how our dwindling natural resources are used and that cares about its responsibilities to the planet.