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Why choose Sunlabob

Sunlabob launched the Energy Efficiency department 3 years ago and has since developed a network of engineers and sales force to provide you with affordable energy saving systems in Laos.

Our Energy Efficiency and Energy Audit services include:

  • Providing recommendations based on strong engineering research and analysis
  • Providing turnkey energy saving solutions in Laos
  • Providing strong support for your investment strategy (short and medium term)
  • Providing bilingual training to all your staff (Lao and English)
  • Providing green building solutions (green architecture consultancy)
  • Providing the most appropriate and affordable energy saving products with its exhaustive network of suppliers
  • Providing consultancy to your company with regards to achieving Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives

We are committed to providing comfort to your employees and helping your company reduce its energy bills.