News 2009

Inauguration Ceremony – Solar-powered water purification system

Sunlabob is proud to announce that the first solar-powered water purification system in the Lao PDR is now operational in the village of Ban Sorg, Sangthong District, Vientiane Capital.

This project has been achieved with the collaboration of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Vientiane, the German NGO BORDA, Sunlabob Renewable Energy Ltd, OurWorld Rural Development (Laos), the Lao Institute for Renewable Energy (LIRE) and the village of Ban Sorg.

To celebrate this event, an inauguration ceremony was organised on Friday 27th February 2009, which provided a unique opportunity to learn about our solution by seeing the fully-functioning drinking water service in operation in the village.

Sunlabob has developed an innovative model to provide bottled drinking water in rural villages in Laos. Following an initial investment borne by a donor for the installation of a water purification unit and local capacity building, a village committee takes ownership of the service and is responsible for managing it. A village entrepreneur then rents the system from the village and is in charge of the daily operations and maintenance. Sunlabob takes care of the installation and servicing of the unit, and trains the village entrepreneur to operate the system.

Our model enables the creation of a small local enterprise, ensuring that the programme is self-sustainable, with all income generated being used to pay the village entrepreneur’s salary and maintenance costs, meaning the system will last for many years to come.

Further details about our concept are available in the concept paper entitled Sunlabob Drinking Water System.

This first experience has proved that Sunlabob is able to provide not only hardware and technical expertise, but also a complete concept in order to make drinking water in remote villages safe, easily accessible, reliable, sustainable, and affordable.

We now look forward to further collaboration with donors in order to give more villages access to potable water. Interested donors should contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..