News 2009

Sunlabob completed the installation and commissioning of a village hybrid grid

Ban Phakeo is situated in a very mountainous area of Laos, in Luang Prabang Province. The village recently benefited from an electrification project funded by Fondation Energies pour le Monde (Fondem). Sunlabob were awarded the contract for the design and construction of a village hybrid grid, as well as for the project’s operational implementation (including training and coaching visits).

The Phakeo system is a hybrid solar/diesel mini-grid. Two battery-backed solar systems (with a total peak power of 4.8kW) feed into a 220V AC single-phase mini-grid system via a set of inverters. A 5.6kW diesel generator set serves as a backup power source and a battery charger during periods of low solar irradiance.

The first phase of the project (construction and commissioning) has recently been completed and the system has been handed over to local authorities, who now own it, and to the village, who operate and maintain it, under the supervision of a newly-created village energy committee and 2 village technicians, all trained by Sunlabob. Each village household will pay a fixed monthly tariff for their electricity consumption based on the level of service they selected.

The second phase of the project (monitoring and evaluation) will now start and comprises an analysis of the operational model and improvements to the technical and administrative aspects of the model, training and support to the village energy committee and technicians, technical monitoring of the performances of the system and technical follow-up, and awareness and information campaigns.

For more information about Fondem, please visit their website.