News 2009

Sunlabob completes work on the largest privately-funded solar energy project in S.E.A.

The project is located on the island of Phuket (southern Thailand) and comprises a large villa and recreational facilities, which will become a luxury resort for executive guests. This project came to be because the site is too remote to connect to the electricity grid and the owner wished the resort to be self-sufficient in terms of energy use. Our partner in Thailand, Samui Service Solar Power, was in charge of the project and implemented a 20 kWp solar system, which is expected to cover 80-90% of the resort's energy needs, depending on the occupancy rate. On this project, Sunlabob was the sole supplier of solar equipment for the complete system.

In addition Sunlabob was contracted to design, install, and commission the interface between the PV modules and the stand-alone electrical grid. We designed a system comprising 3 Sunny Mini Central 7000HV solar inverters, 6 Sunny Islands, and 1 Multicluster Box 12 (all these products are manufactured by SMA Solar Technology and are specifically designed for large off-grid systems). Two engineers from Sunlabob carried out the installation and commissioning of the afore-mentioned equipment over a period of 21 days.

Simultaneously, another of our partners, OurWorld Laos, completed the installation of solar water pumping and irrigation systems for the resort.

For more information about Samui Service Solar Power, please visit their website.
For more information about OurWorld, please visit their website.