News 2009

Sunlabob, Lao Red Cross and LIRE partnered for hygiene training in Ban Sor

In cooperation with the Lao Red Cross and LIRE, Sunlabob organized hygiene training in Ban Sor / Vientiane Province on 17th November 2009. Over one hundred villagers joined the half-day information event, during which topics such as proper hand-washing, defecation and sanitation, and health risks of contaminated drinking water were discussed. Thanks to an interactive training approach, the villagers soon lost their reserve and participated in group activities and demonstrations. The relaxed atmosphere made for a successful workshop.

Throughout the two-day field trip, LIRE and Sunlabob also conducted a survey on the villagers’ water use, hygiene habits and sanitation issues. Questionnaires were handed out during a group survey, and face-to-face interviews were conducted. This survey was the second of its kind and the results will be compared to those of the first survey which was carried out last year during the course of the installation of a solar-powered water purification system.

A second Health Impact Assessment will take place in order to ascertain whether the training was successful in establishing sustainable behavior changes on hygiene issues in the village.