News 2009

Sunlabob recently completed the supply of over 6,500 solar home systems

Last year Sunlabob won an international tender for a World Bank financed procurement contract, handled locally by the Rural Electrification Office of the Department of Electricity (part of the Ministry of Energy and Mines), to supply 6,560 solar home systems (20W, 30W, and 50W), including spares, to 14 provinces across Laos. With a country average of 5.9 people per household (2005 census), this programme will benefit over 30,000 people nationwide.

Each system comprises a solar panel, battery, battery box, charge controller, circuit breaker, and 2 lamps. All materials used are certified and meet international quality standards.

45 additional staff were recruited and worked together with Sunlabob employees, in three shifts, to perform the required assembly operations in only 4 weeks. All new staff were provided with training, accommodation at the assembly site, one meal per day, and a good level of pay.

The solar home systems have now been dispatched to the provinces and installation will be carried out by Provincial Electricity Service Companies (PESCOs) under the management of the Village Off-Grid Promotion and Support (VOPS) office in Vientiane, a private consultancy company acting on behalf of the Department of Electricity.

In total, for this programme, 260 tonnes of material including over 180 kilometres of cable were dispatched nationwide on 22 lorries. At Sunlabob, we are proud to have demonstrated our ability to successfully implement another such large-scale project.

Despite some administrative challenges and delays, our cooperation with the Department of Electricity’s Rural Electrification Office and the World Bank’s rural electrification unit was a success, and we look forward to future collaboration.