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Sunlabob took part in a teleconference hosted by UNEP Korea on 5 June 2009


Sunlabob was asked to participate in an international teleconference entitled “GREENOVATION (Green Innovation)”, which was organised by the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) National Committee for the Republic of Korea on Friday 5th June 2009 at Seoul COEX conference centre, to mark the World Environment Day.


Speakers made their presentations via tele-technology, allowing to get over the barriers of distance and helping to reduce carbon emissions produced by transportation. This conference was the first climate-neutral international teleconference open to the public in Seoul and was also broadcast in real time over the Internet.

The conference consisted of a Keynote speech and 4 sessions, as detailed below:

  • Keynote speech – GREENOVATION & Green Growth: Greenovation in our Life
  • Session 1 – Green Economy, generating power of GREENOVATION: Green Economy, Crisis and Opportunity in the 21st century
  • Session 2 – Green IT, prerequisite for GREENOVATION
  • Session 3 – GREENOVATION in our new environment, Green City: Sustainable urban development & Cases of urban GREENOVATION
  • Session 4 – GREENOVATION & Green People: International Green Movement and Green people

Sunlabob’s presentation, by Simon Henschel (Project Manager), featured in the 4th session which focused on grass root campaigns and small businesses. Other speakers in this category included Wen Bo of China (Pacific Environment’s China Program Co-Director, World Economic Forum's Young Global Leader Honoree 2009) and Yun-seok Jo of Korea (PhD in engineering and famous Korean singer of Lucid Fall). A recording of the session can be watched here.

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