News 2010

Collaboration with Indian and Tanzanian partners for Fredskorpset exchange programme

On May 28, Sunlabob entered into a promising partnership with Auroville Energy Products¹ (AEP) of India and C.B Energy Co. Ltd² of Tanzania. The partnership, which is based on a one year reciprocal exchange of young participants in the framework of the South-South programme initiated by Norwegian government agency, Fredskorpset (FK), was finalised following a successful meeting at the Sunlabob headquarters in Vientiane from May 24 to 28.

Through the South-South programme, FK links countries and partners in the South that appear on the current DAC list of developing countries to mutually benefit from a 1-year exchange of young professionals. The partners in the network elect between them a primary partner in the south, that acts on behalf of the network and carries its duties and responsibilities vis-à-vis Fredskorpset. The exchange enables people with similar professional backgrounds or interests to learn from one another and contribute to competency building and raising awareness.

As primary partner for this collaboration, Sunlabob will be responsible for the overall supervision of the project. The programme aims to improve participants’ capacity in project management and technical skills, and deliver exceptional renewable energy services to rural communities. On top of that, the project certainly presents an excellent opportunity for participants to gain international and cross-cultural experience.

A total of four young professionals from Laos, India and Tanzania will participate in the 1-year exchange programme. Sunlabob will send a business development and technical advisor to commence training at CB Energy in Tanzania in October 2010, and in exchange, will host two candidates from India while AEP will work with one participant from Tanzania.

Apart from the meeting in Vientiane, representatives from AEP, C.B Energy and FK went on an enriching field trip to Xiengkhoang province to learn more about Sunlabob’s hybrid village grid in Namkha.

Sunlabob and its partners look forward to a fruitful collaboration and sharing their expertise to further support the use of renewable energy technologies in the developing world.

¹ AEP provides consultancy services on renewable energy technologies with focus on Solar PV systems and small hydro systems as well as capacity building trainings in Eastern Africa to the Pacific.

² C.B Energy Co. Ltd is a Tanzanian based construction and transportation company which has gained relevant competence in installing energy production units in remote areas and looks towards increasing its expertise in the renewable off-grid and urban areas in East Africa.