News 2010

New E-Cycles at Sunlabob

A brand new range of E-Cycles is now available at Sunlabob.

The new line-up includes two-wheelers of all shapes and sizes, including a pair of children’s bikes. For adults, Sunlabob offers a range of styles, including the usual choices of mountain bikes and utility bikes.

Sunlabob’s E-Cycles are ideal for commuting, or simply for a leisurely ride with a thought for the environment. They also offer a silent and smooth transportation solution, and are inexpensive to operate and refuel.

The E-Cycle has a high tech lightweight battery and running gear attached to the rear wheel that can power the cycle up to speeds of 30km/h without any peddling assistance of the rider. The rider controls the speed of the E-Cycle with the throttle on the handlebar in the same fashion as a motorbike.

Sunlabob’s E-Cycle can cover over 35kms without any peddling before having to be recharged. Charging the E-Cycle is easy and fast with the Li-ion battery only taking 4-6 hours to recharge by simply plugging the supplied cable into a normal wall socket.

For more information on Sunlabob’s E-Cycles, please click here.