News 2010

Sunlabob celebrates 10th anniversary

9 April 2010 marked a significant milestone for Sunlabob as it celebrated its 10th anniversary.

The day long celebrations started in the morning with Baci; a traditional Lao ceremony that is performed to bless the company with good luck and prosperity. This was followed by a party in the afternoon that saw plenty of traditional Lao dishes and beer going around. In true Lao spirit, staff also started water fights to mark the start of the Lao New Year which was to be celebrated the following week.

Sunlabob staff, comprising of Lao Nationals and foreigners, graced the celebrations expecting no less than a great party and they were certainly not disappointed.

Sunlabob’s 10th anniversary is a showcase of how a company that had such humble beginnings managed to persevere, react to market needs, and come up with innovative solutions to become a successful commercial business.

The road ahead looks promising for Sunlabob as its operations continue to expand to the rest of the world.