News 2010

Sunlabob conducts hygiene training at Xieng Khouang province

In May 2010, Sunlabob, in cooperation with the Lao Red Cross (LRC) and Ourworld Rural Development, organised a hygiene training session for Khangkhae villagers in Xieng Khouang province.

Over 80 villagers attended the 5-hr training session, during which topics such as water quality support, environmental protection, hygienic toilet usage and proper hand washing techniques were covered. The villagers were very enthusiastic about learning and actively participated in group activities and demonstrations.

Sunlabob is no stranger to development initiatives in Xieng Khouang province. In March this year, Sunlabob installed a solar pump system in Khangkhae village to support a water purification system from Ourworld Rural Development.

Clean water is the foundation for all types of community development. Lack of proper sanitation is the single biggest cause of infection worldwide, and Sunlabob hopes that its hygiene training session will help deliver a deep comprehension of the vital importance to ensuring safe and secure hygiene practices in the village.