News 2010

Sunlabob goes to Myanmar

On June 17-18, a representative from Sunlabob attended the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Business Forum in Yangon, Myanmar.

The forum, which was the 2nd one held in the country, promoted awareness about renewable energy and energy efficiency in Myanmar. The objective of the conference was to form focal points for renewable energy, facilitate dialogue on the challenges and opportunities in private sector renewable energy businesses, and explore opportunities to collaborate with international corporations for new technological development.

The forum gave delegates from all over the world the opportunity to network and learn about the renewable energy business in Myanmar. Many experienced speakers were also present to share their views on renewable energy issues.

Sunlabob is fast expanding internationally, and the forum allowed it to access the feasibility of extending its activities to Myanmar. At the moment, there seems to be potential for Sunlabob to penetrate into the market as 2 Burmese companies have expressed interest in its products and community development models.