News 2010

Sunlabob organises training session for Village Water Committee in Ban Sor

In Feb 2010, Sunlabob, with the support of the Lao Institute of Renewable Energy (LIRE), organised a three-day training session for villagers in Ban Sor/Vientiane Province. The purpose of the training was to equip the Village Water Committee with the knowledge and skills to operate and maintain a solar-powered water purification system. The system, which sunlabob had installed in Sept 2008, has a huge impact on the villagers’ lives because it provides them with safe drinking water.

Part of the training included a session where Sunlabob staff trained the village technician how to maintain the biosand filter system. The biosand filter system is an important part of the water purification system. On average in Laos, maintenance should be carried out approximately every 3 months, but will change depending on the sand used and the type of raw water.

In the three-day training session, Sunlabob staff provided the village technician, Mr Bualai, with a biosand filter system maintenance manual and then explained the maintenance process to him before letting him try out the activities himself. Similarly, staff also provided the Village Water Committee with a Village Water Committee manual before explaining to them how to run and manage the system efficiently.

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