News 2010

Sunlabob receives training on pico-hydropower systems from LIRE

On May 12, Sunlabob engineers and technicians attended a training session on pico-hydropower systems at the Lao Institute of Renewable Energy (LIRE).

Having spent the past 2 years conducting extensive research on pico-hydropower systems, LIRE brought plenty of valuable information to the training session. The training focused on new directions LIRE had envisaged on increasing efficiency and reducing losses for shared pico-turbines. Other topics such as installation and maintenance methods, appropriate areas to install the pico-hydro turbines, and possible safety hazards were also covered.

Pico activities are becoming essential components to Sunlabob’s ongoing projects on micro turbines in decentralised village grids. Sunlabob hopes to utilise the knowledge gained from the workshop to continually look at how it can improve the quality of pico-hydropower systems, and eventually introduce them to rural areas in Laos. Sunlabob also plans to provide capacity building as part of their pico programmes to help improve social and environmental programs.

Both Sunlabob and LIRE look forward to participating in more of such knowledge sharing sessions and leveraging on each other’s expertise to further advance the renewable energy infrastructure in Laos.