News 2010

Sunlabob teams up with GTZ to provide energy efficiency training


Sunlabob has teamed up with German development agency, GTZ, to provide energy efficiency training to teachers and undergraduates from the Faculty of Engineering, National University of Laos for a period of one year commencing Aug 1, 2011.

This initiative is based on the Lao-German programme on human resource development for the market economy, and the focus of the project is on labour market oriented integrated vocational education. The objective of the project is to enable public and private organizations to jointly improve the administrative, institutional and human conditions for a market economy, as well as to improve the performance of integrated vocational training system to support economic and social development.

Although the Lao government has neither created regulations nor special incentives for the economical use of energy, a market for energy efficiency has developed. Sunlabob is the first company to approach government, economy and households with energy efficiency solutions. Equipped with unique expertise in Laos, Sunlabob operates in this market both as an initiator of private sector as well as a service provider in terms of energy efficiency. Its energy audit department uncovers the customers’ savings in energy use and provides solutions ready for their profitable exploitation.

The emerging market for consultancy services in energy efficiency and the attendant economic market potential is far from exhausted. The lack of adequately trained and qualified personnel is the biggest limiting factor in the development of an industrial sector in energy efficiency.

The skills shortage in energy efficiency and energy audit services is resolved in the medium term by building a focused training program established on a sustainable institutional base. This leads to the long-term development of human resources for the Lao market of energy efficiency through the development and expansion of training capacity.

Sunlabob, with its expertise in the energy efficiency area, will first provide the necessary guidelines and trainings to teachers from the university, equipping them with the knowledge and skill sets to be instructors for energy efficiency and energy audit. Following that, Sunlabob will conduct an energy efficiency training program for the students.

The project is based on an integrated public-private partnership (iPPP) approach where each partner plays an important role. As the private partner, Sunlabob is to provide curriculum development, staff training, implementation of the training program, provision of teaching aids and measuring instruments, and provision of meters.

As the public partner, GTZ is to finance the operation, provide advice on the implementation, support the promotion for the qualification program, provide training materials and other inputs for curriculum development, and offer support for the academic recognition process for the qualification program.

The project’s unique iPPP approach together with its integrated vocational training system is the first of its kind in Laos, and sets to raise the level of energy efficiency practices in Laos.