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Meet the people of Sunlabob


11 Nationalities, 1 Team.

In this video, produced and directed by French intern Hugo Niccolai, you’ll meet the many faces of Sunlabob.

With a team of 70, Sunlabob’s workforce comprises nationalities from Laos, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Switzerland, the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

From interns to volunteers to fulltime employees, Sunlabob certainly has a diverse pool of staff with different skill sets, experiences and expertise to bring it to its fullest potential.

View the video here.

About the intern/producer/director:

Hugo Niccolai is a French chemical engineer specialising in renewable energy studies. In mid April, Hugo arrived in Laos and commenced his internship with Sunlabob. This was after 2 missions: one in Bangladesh where he worked with Grameen Shakti, a not-for-profit company that provides electricity via renewable energy technologies to remote areas of Bangladesh. The other mission was in Philippines with PAMATEC, a company which conducts large scale electrification projects in poor islands of the country.

His work for Grameen Shakti, PAMATEC and now Sunlabob are part of a 2 year project called EnR’Sud, which he took 8 months to create in France. From January 2011 till the end of 2012, he will work and conduct audits for 5 different organisations (NGOs, social business and for profit companies) specialising in Decentralized Rural Electrification (DRE) in South-East Asia, Africa and South America. French companies in the energy sector like Schneider Electric and électricité de France (EDF), Hugo’s former engineering university ENSIACET, l’Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse (Group of engineering schools) and other partners are financing his field studies.

About Hugo's work at Sunlabob


About the EnR'Sud project:
The goal of the EnR'Sud project is to promote access to Decentralized Rural Electrification (DRE) as a key medium of development. One of EnR'Sud's key purpose is to search for new entrepreneurial approaches, and create and distribute tools and methods which will make the multiplication of DRE easier. Companies in developing countries almost succeed in providing renewable energies at low prices, with very few subsidies, to poor people. The biggest challenge of Hugo's studies is to compare the key factors of these organisations in order to develop sustainable market-based solutions to combat the social and economic problems faced by people in rural and remote areas.

Hugo is a project manager with Sunlabob’s solar lanterns division. He is 100% involved in all steps of the project: from the product design and assembly to the project management, planning, documentation, customer relations to the installation of the systems, training, coaching and getting feedback from customers.