News 2011

Singapore school donates water purification system to Lao village

In line with its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, School of the Arts (SOTA) from Singapore donated a Sunlabob solar water purification system to Pong Song village in Vientiane province.

The system, which enables 400 villagers to attain clean drinking water at an affordable price, comprises a solar water purification unit (FS2000-Oz) and chlorine production system (Antenna-WATA). After installation, Sunlabob also conducted a training session for the villagers, teaching them how to operate and maintain the system, how to produce the chlorine solution and disinfect the water bottle.

On Nov 23, a group of students and teachers from the school embarked on a field trip to Laos and visited Sunlabob at its headquarters in Vientiane. The group was introduced to Sunlabob’s programmes, and Sunlabob’s Water Unit Project Manager specially gave a detailed presentation on how the water purification system functions. The students also had the opportunity to drink the purified water fresh out of the system.

After the session at Sunlabob, the group headed to Pong Song village to learn about life in a rural village and see firsthand how the water purification system was benefiting the villagers. Villagers also came together and thanked the students and teachers for the system during the official opening ceremony of the Village Water House.

“One of the highlights of the trip was being able to experience the connection and friendships created between the villagers and students as a result of the installation. The joy and gratitude goes both ways. Ultimately it's the relationships built and sustained that matters. The Lao phrase "nam jai" appropriately represents the flow of pure water and heart between the families of Pong Song Village and the students,” said Vipavinee Artpradid, teacher at SOTA.

For more information on Sunlabob’s Solar Water Purification System, please click here.