News 2011

SLRS installed in floating Cambodian villages

On Feb 6, 2011, Sunlabob and the Cambodian Renewable Development Team (CRDT) installed two Solar Lantern Rental Systems (SLRS) in the floating villages of Anlang Ta Ur and Kompong Prohot on Tonlesap Lake. This was the team’s second visit to the area; the first being an assessment visit of the site in Nov, 2010.

While installing the SLRS, Sunlabob and CRDT provided training to the Village Technician (who will run the business of renting out the lanterns) and the newly created Village Energy Committee (who will oversee the business) in each village. Input from the village leaders and from villagers themselves helped shape how the SLRS would operate. The villagers were eager to start using the lanterns straight after the lanterns were introduced to them in a meeting. One woman even jokingly tried to walk off with one lantern.

Sunlabob and CRDT will remain in close contact during the period following installation to ensure that the system continues to function well. CRDT will return for monitoring and evaluation three months after installation.

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