News 2011

Solar Fridge Systems to store vaccines in Attapeu province health post

In April 2011, Sunlabob delivered 50 litre solar fridge systems to Ban Namngon and Ban Daksamor in Attapeu province, Southern Laos.

The systems, ordered by Attapeu’s Division of Health, are to be used in health posts to store vaccines and keep medical supplies sterile.

Vaccines are the most cost-effective healthcare intervention. Yet, they are still largely unavailable in developing countries. They are difficult to transport because they lose their effectiveness if not kept within certain temperatures. As such, health posts struggle to effectively vaccinate the remote and sparse populations of Laos.

In response to this problem, several organisations have chosen to install solar-powered fridges as they guarantee a constant and reliable cooling temperature in the toughest environments.

Apart from health posts, the solar fridge system is also ideal for eco-resorts, home use and commercial use of cooling or freezing service like: markets, stores, beverage vending, ice making.

For more information on solar fridge systems, please visit the solar cooling page.