News 2011

Solar Home System installations in Cambodia underway

From Nov till Dec, Sunlabob, in collaboration with a local partner in Cambodia, successfully supplied and installed 3900 Solar Home Systems (30 and 50 watts) to 28 villages across Cambodia.

The project, to install 12,000 Solar Home Systems across more than 400 villages in Cambodia, is the result of a World Bank financed contract that Sunlabob had won in Mar 2011.

Each Solar Home System meets international quality standards and comprises a solar panel, PV mounting structure, battery, battery box, charge controller, circuit breaker, and 2 lamps. There are also 2 power points which allow villagers to plug in simple DC household appliances.

Transporting equipment to the villages was no easy feat as the villages are scattered across the country where there are no roads and proper pathways. It took experienced, qualified personnel and rugged trucks to bring the equipment through windy and uneven paths to the targeted villages.

Following the installation, villagers were given instructions on how to operate the system and are also given an user manual. Overall, they are very satisfied with the system as now their quality of lives has improved.

“It’s great that we now have clean lighting. I can cook at night without breathing in harmful gases and my children are able to study at night.” said Dongpal, a mother of 4, who works in a paddy field and sells fuel (petrol).

Prior to the installation, villagers had to use kerosene lamps for lighting. The disadvantages of kerosene lighting are the labor of cleaning and filling the lamps, the odor, the omission of harmful gases, and the danger of explosion.

7,200 Solar Home Systems are targeted to be installed by Jan 2012 and the remaining by Sep 2012.

For more information on this World Bank financed project, please click here.

Sunlabob has no doubt moved ahead from being a local renewable energy solutions provider to being a top renewable energy player in the international market. Following the successful installation of 6,560 Solar Home Systems in Laos in 2009, worth $1.72 million under the World Bank Rural Electrification Program, Sunlabob proved that it has the capacity to implement large-scale projects.

Its international contracts spread across several continents, such as the installation of the solar home systems in Cambodia, to the supply of solar water pumps to Guinea Bissau in West Africa.

These international contracts reflect Sunlabob's commitment to providing worldwide development efforts with reliable and advanced products and services.