News 2011

Sunlabob delivers solar/wind hybrid systems to Timor-Leste


On Jan 4, 2011, Sunlabob in cooperation with its partner Lorentz, delivered solar PV and solar/wind hybrid systems to the United Nations Integrated Mission In Timor-Leste (UNMIT) office in Dili, after being awarded the UNMIT international tender.

The wind turbines and solar PV arrays will use renewable energy sources to supply power. Solar energy from the sun is converted to electrical energy by the PV modules and converted to AC power, using an inverter. This power can be used to power standard electrical items. Complementing the PV solar are wind generators that harvest energy from the wind. To maintain a constant supply, a battery bank is used to supply energy to the inverter during times when the sun is not shinning or when the wind is not strong enough.

Solar and wind resources often complement each other. Generally when it is sunny it is calm and when it is cloudy it is windy. This complementary effect is even greater during seasonal changes. During the rainy season, the sun is at its least exposure, and the wind is at its highest. A Wind Turbine Generator during these periods is essential to keep batteries charged and lights on. If both resources are available, then a hybrid system is the more economical approach because it uses smaller batteries and the battery bank is discharged less, resulting in longer battery lifespan and lower costs.

UNMIT staff are currently installing the systems, which are targeted to be in operation by June/July 2011.