News 2011

Sunlabob Pico lanterns to provide 100 rural Lao households with light

In July 2011, Sunlabob installed Solar Lantern Rental Systems (SLRS) for 2 villages in Salavanh Province: Ban Van Ngoua and Ban Keng Khoum.

The project was funded by International Child Support (ICS) and co-implemented with Sunlabob as part of a pilot project to bring mobile lighting solutions together with charging stations to villages that do not have access to electricity.

The two systems provide 100 households with multifunctional and mobile lanterns which can be recharged for a minimal charging fee of 1000Kip at the charging station, managed by a Village Technician (VT). He is responsible for maintaining the system, collecting the charging fees and coordinating with the Village Energy Committee (VEC) who is in charge of managing the system and Lantern Maintenance Fund.

Sunlabob staff delivered the equipment for the installation and conducted training sessions for the VT and VEC. ICS staff were also present to oversee the installation phase and to understand how the system and micro enterprise works. An additional government staff with a background in non-formal education assisted with the training and installation.

In a month, Sunlabob will go back to the villages for a checkup and coaching visit. The goals of this visit are to:

  • Ensure that the training has been understood
  • Train the VT and VEC again if needed
  • Check the systems’ condition and how maintenance is conducted
  • Address villagers’ questions
  • Check the accounting and rental log
  • Check the money in the Lantern Maintenance Fund
  • Get villagers’ feedback

For more information on the Sunlabob Pico Lantern Rental System, please click here.