News 2011

Water Purification Systems provide clean drinking water for 200 garment factory employees

The water purification system

In April 2011, Sunlabob installed Solar Water Purification Systems at a garment factory in Diep Vu, Laos. The systems were installed at the factory’s dormitory, and at the annex block of the factory building.

The water purification system, known as the FS Home System, is able to produce 1500 litres of water per day which is later dispatched throughout the building in 20 litre water fountains. Over 200 people will benefit from the systems as they now have easy access to clean drinking water.

This is not the first time the garment factory installed a purification system. In 2009, the factory’s management wanted to offer free drinking water to all its employees, so they installed a FS home system of the same capacity.

The aim of the water purification system is to provide clean water for the employees working at the factory. Since the factory is located outside the main city area, it is more convenient for the factory to have its own water purification system to produce its own drinking water. The system definitely allows the factory to be more independent, and reduces the amount of time needed to head out to obtain clean drinking water.

The installation of the system at the factory shows that the Solar Water Purification System is not only suitable for rural areas but also for urban ones.

Providing clean water to the world's expanding population is critical. As populations increase and rates of urbanisation accelerate without sufficient infrastructure capacity, the provision of clean water has become a serious challenge. Solar Water Purification Systems can provide low-income populations with a means to purify water used for drinking and cooking.

Sunlabob is also currently working on developing individual drinking water systems for households.

For more information on Sunlabob’s Solar Water Purification System, please click here.