News 2012

Energy Efficiency: the forward-looking response to climate change

On May 17, an energy awareness event, organised by Sunlabob and German development agency Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ), was held at the Settha Palace Hotel in Vientiane, Laos with the participation of over 50 senior representatives and decision-makers from the Lao government, private sector and international community.

Key speakers included the Minister of Energy and Mines, H.E. Soulivong Daravong, as well as the Chargé d’affaires a.i. of the Delegation of the European Union to Laos, Mr. Michel Goffin.

National, regional and local mitigation and adaptation measures are essential in order to cope with the impacts of climate change. One such measure would be to use energy more efficiently.

Head of Sunlabob's Energy Efficiency and Energy Audit Department Mr Pierre-Marc Blanchet gave a presentation outlining the benefits of energy efficiency and possible options in Laos to combat climate change. The presentation included a segment dedicated to energy efficiency solutions for different sectors such as industries (hydropower, mining, garment, cement, food processing, etc.), buildings (schools, offices, hotels, etc.) and tourism.

At the end of the event, participants had the opportunity to register for a follow-up workshop “Implementing Energy Efficiency – Best practice examples and options for companies and institutions in Laos”.

Whereas the energy awareness event on the 17th provided general information on climate change challenges for Laos, the aim of this workshop, held on May 23 also at Settha Palace Hotel, was to present participants with best practice examples so as to help them achieve their energy efficiency goals.

Renowned experts in the field Andy Schroeter, CEO of Sunlabob, spoke about existing possibilities for energy efficiency in Laos and Guntor Tobeng an energy consultant, presented best practice examples from Malaysia and lessons learnt from past energy efficiency measures.

The second half of the workshop saw Peter Semone from Lao National Institute of Tourism Hospitality (LANITH) providing practical examples of green architecture, and representing the private sector, a Theun Hinboun Power Company (THPC) representative presented energy efficiency measures, recommended by Sunlabob, undertaken at his company.

The workshop certainly proved to be successful with 9 organisations, including Veunkham Salt Factory, Nampapa Nakhoneluang or The Lao American College, registering for subsidised preliminary energy audits. Subsidies were provided by GIZ so as to encourage companies and institutions to engage in responsible energy consumption in order to tackle Laos's climate change challenge.

Sunlabob established its Energy Efficiency and Energy Audit Department in 2009 and is the first energy service company (ESCo) in Laos to provide the government, industries and households with energy efficiency solutions.

Its team of skilled engineers conducts detailed site surveys and analysis in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the energy use on the premises, and following that propose measures to reduce energy consumption.

Sunlabob’s services are well sought after because of the company’s immaculate reputation in the energy sector. Its innovative renewable energy programmes have won numerous international awards and its decade-long experience has made it a dominant player in both local and international markets.

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