News 2012

Lao hospitals to profit from hygiene project between Sunlabob and Ministry of Health

Public health services in Laos are, despite years of development aid, still below international standards. Investments in public sectors are low and limited resources from the government make improvements slow.

Sunlabob, together with Technologie Transfer Marburg (TTM), installed several autoclaves in four remote provinces of Laos (Luang Prabang, Oudomxay, Champasack and Savannakhet) and three at the largest hospitals located in the capital, Vientiane.

Each of the provinces’ hospitals received autoclave equipment that can be used to sterilize equipment and supplies before they are used with patients or be utilized for pre-disposal or sterilization of waste material, such as pathogenic hospital waste.

Sunlabob, as a specialist for providing services to remote areas, is the ideal partner for the installation and the training of hospital staff about the autoclaves.

An international team of specialists, supported by Lao engineers, managed the installations of this heavy equipment in all locations.

In each hospital, about a dozen of people received technical and practical training of the autoclaves.

With the focus on sustainable operation, Sunlabob relies on its experience to provide training and capacity building to local staff to be able to service the autoclave systems. The company is contracted to provide after sales service and maintenance.

After providing refrigerator and freeze units to Ministry of Health projects in the past, such as to the National Avian and Human Influenza Coordination Office (NAHICO), the Health System Development Project (HSDP) and a recently awarded ADB funded tender in Laos’ southern provinces, this is the fourth time that Sunlabob has been working with the Ministry of Health in Laos.

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