News 2012

More Mozambicans now have access to communications systems

Mozambicans look forward to improved communication and access to information

Sunlabob has won yet another United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) contract in Mozambique, this time to supply and install photovoltaic generators to complete a hybrid power station.

Using renewable energy, the hybrid power station will supply power to a radio transmitting station and telecentre, improving communication systems in the district. In addition, the communities will have access to modern communication technology, such as the internet, thus raising literacy levels.

Implemented by United Nations (UN) partners and the Ministry of Energy, the purpose of the project is to help rural communities in Chicualacuala district, located 500 kms northwest of Maputo (capital of Mozambique), adapt to climate change and diversify their livelihoods.

The project also has a training component for local members, majority of which are women.

Chicualacuala is recognised as one of the most isolated districts in the country and one of the most problematic in terms of development challenges.

Sunlabob won its first Mozambique UNIDO contract in February to supply 4 Solar Power Plant Systems (8KW, 6KW and 3KW), communications and computer equipment for remote border posts so as to improve the efficiency of customs operations.