News 2012

Sunlabob CEO to engage in Asian Development Bank dialogue about creating thriving ecosystem for inclusive businesses and impact investors


Andy Schroeter, co-founder and CEO of Sunlabob Renewable Energy, will participate in the Asian Development Bank’s “Investing in Inclusive Business in Asia” Regional Forum to discuss the best path for creating a thriving ecosystem that unites innovative entrepreneurs and businesses with impact investors from the private sector. He will join 150 other experts in Manila, Philippines on 28-29 November including others leaders from the private sector, fund managers and other impact investors, thought leaders from academia and civil society, as well as representatives of the international development community.

“With the rise of impactful social enterprises throughout Asia, as well as the building interest from the investment community, now is the time to collaborate to find the best paths and platforms for stimulating these many socially-impactful business opportunities,” said Schroeter. “Working together to bridge the current gap between inclusive businesses like Sunlabob and the many motivated investors in the private sector will be a critical step in accelerating the growth and impact of inclusive businesses throughout Asia.”

Schroeter, an experienced entrepreneur specializing in creating models for village energy enterprises, will participate in a panel discussion about energy-focused inclusive business models in the Asia-Pacific region and the best approaches and mechanisms for supporting their growth. The conversation will focus specifically on the innovative methods and financing models of the businesses, as well as lessons learned and the critical elements necessary to achieve scale as socially-minded, profit-driven enterprises.

Sunlabob, a Laos-based company that specializes in creating village enterprises through renewable energy and clean water access projects, has taken its years of on-the-ground experience in Southeast Asia to other developing countries such as India, Mozambique, Afghanistan and the Marshall Islands.

The Regional Forum is a conclusion of ADB’s two-year, Inclusive Business initiative and will highlight innovative and impactful inclusive business models like Sunlabob’s from across the Asia and Pacific region. The event will also consider the mounting interest of private investors as well as discuss the imperative role of development finance institutions (DFIs) in catalyzing the growth of the inclusive business sector. The overall objective of the Forum is to create long-term frameworks and identify intermediaries that can successfully match the demand and supply sides of impact investments.