News 2012

Sunlabob energy efficiency expertise proving valuable throughout Southeast Asia

Sunlabob’s recent in-depth energy audit at the Champasak Grand Hotel in Pakse, Laos – which identified energy usage reductions of 30% – demonstrated the increasing significance of energy efficiency services in developing regions of Asia.

Sunlabob’s evaluation of the 12-storey, 225-room hotel’s electricity and water use determined that through a combination of operational adjustments and efficient technologies, more than $126,000 USD could be saved in utility payments every year. Further, the financial analysis determined that a payback period for the updated technologies and new programs would be less than 10 months. Even greater energy and cost savings are anticipated as recently-announced national electricity tariffs in Laos continue to increase on a regular basis.

“Awareness of energy efficiency is still in its early stages, but business owners and facility managers in Laos and throughout the Southeast Asia region are quickly realizing the cost-saving benefits of new practices and efficient technologies,” said Andy Schroeter, co-founder and CEO of Sunlabob.

According to the Laos Ministry of Energy and Mines, domestic electricity consumption is growing at a rate of 13 percent per year. Further, the state-owned electricity provider Electricite du Laos (EDL) announced in early 2012 that electricity rates will increase by 2% every year between 2013 and 2017.

“As electricity prices continue to rise and consumption also steadily increases, energy efficiency will no longer be viewed as an environmentally-minded service, but instead as an imperative aspect of running a smart, cost-efficient business.”

Sunlabob provides its energy efficiency audits and consulting services to businesses, homeowners and governments throughout Laos and Southeast Asia. The company recently provided a baseline energy audit at the salt fabrication facilities of Veunkham Salt Company, one of the country’s largest salt manufacturers, and works with several other industrial-scale businesses in the country.

Sunlabob also is currently acting as an energy efficiency advisor for the development of an energy efficiency policy framework from the Government of Cambodia, as part of a partnership with the European Union, the German development agency Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and INTEGRATION Consulting Group.