News 2012

Sunlabob signs The Declaration of Rio+20 at the first International Convention of Environmental Laureates

On Mar 8 – 11, Sunlabob Director Andy Schroeter participated in the first International Convention of Environmental Laureates held in the Green City of Freiburg, Germany.

Organised by the European Environment Foundation, the convention gathered 65 environmental prize winners from 37 countries. Andy, winner of numerous international awards including the Ashden Award for sustainable energy, was honoured to have been the only invitee from a Lao organisation.

The convention dealt with topics such as the lack of political efforts for a just and sustainable global economic and social system, the dominant role of economists in environment, and the involvement of youth in the development of innovative ideas for change. The call for an active approach to address today’s global problems is reflected in the core highlight of the convention- the discussion and signing of The Declaration of Rio+20.

The Declaration calls upon the Rio+20 meeting to come up with actionable means to achieve sustainable development in the following critical areas:

  • Urging governing bodies on all levels, as well as business and civil society, to become pioneers of change and successful social innovators.
  • Moving towards equitable budgets per capita for energy, emissions, land use, water and resources.
  • To be sustainable, economic development must reduce overconsumption, be based on an ethical and fair financial system, eradicate poverty, and be in harmony with nature.
  • Sustainable Development is a key security issue for all nations and has to be treated and funded as such.

Please click here to view the signed declaration.

For more information on the First International Convention of Environmental Laureates, please visit the website of the European Environment Foundation.