News 2012

Sunlabob to venture into Ethiopia


On June 18, Sunlabob's CEO Andy Schroeter signed an agreement with Addis Ababa based DAMA TRADE to partner for the Ethiopian rural and on-grid renewable energy market. DAMA TRADE is Ethiopia's leading industrial solutions partner for building integrated electrical appliances. Through the new partnership, both companies expect to build a bridge of collaboration between Asian rural electrification experiences and East African local knowledge.

The collaboration is expected to set a new standard in East African renewable energy supply of qualitative renewable energy systems and adequate operational models to cater for rural and urban applications. Technological advancement goes in hand with unparalleled local knowledge of a strong partner.

Sunlabob is not new to the region. While the company has moved ahead to new markets in Uganda and Tanzania in the years 2008 and 2009, this year’s expansion brought the company to Mozambique and Uganda for large International Competitive Bidding (ICB) contracts. DAMA TRADE and Sunlabob expect to build on this success for the future of electrical development throughout the rural communities and the ever-demanding urban areas of East Africa for clean and safe energy.

Ethiopia presents one of the lowest electrification rates in Sub-Saharan Africa. According to World Bank research; only 22% of the Ethiopian population lives in electrified areas and 2% in rural areas. Biomass still represents 90% of the country’s total energy needs, which leads to increasing deforestation, shortage of wood fuel and degradation of rural ecosystems in the country.

With the government of Ethiopia’s target to reach 50% of rural populations by 2010 and universal village coverage by 2015, Sunlabob and DAMA TRADE feel they are looking forward to support the government plans accordingly.