News 2012

Sunlabob wins second national tender contract in four months

Sunlabob has once again won a national tender, this time for an Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded project, managed locally by the Ministry of Health, to supply and install solar fridge and freezer systems in several southern Lao provinces.

This installation will allow health posts located in 22 villages to store vaccines and keep medical supplies sterile, thus improving national health standards.

This is the second time in the past four months that Sunlabob wins a national tender for an ADB funded contract. In December 2011, Sunlabob installed electrical supply material at Champasak University in Southern Laos for another ADB project.

Sunlabob is constantly providing services aimed at improving the health sector. In November 2011, Sunlabob installed a Solar Water Pump System in order to provide a constant supply of water to a district health post in Attapeu province, as part of a UNICEF funded project.

This current ADB contract will indeed allow southern Lao populations to gain access to better health care since vaccines are only effective if stored in cool temperatures.

Sunlabob’s solar fridge and freezer systems are an ideal solution for guaranteed cooling especially in tropical Laos where electricity is often unreliable.

For more information on Sunlabob's solar fridge systems, please visit this solar cooling and fridge presentation.