News 2013

Sunlabob CEO joins CSR Asia Summit to discuss business models for engaging low-income markets


Andy Schroeter, CEO of Sunlabob, this week spoke at a leading conference focused on inclusive economic development and responsible growth in Asia.

Presenting at the CSR Asia Summit in Bangkok, Thailand, Schroeter highlighted Sunlabob’s experience developing renewable energy micro-enterprises in rural, low-income communities throughout Laos and remote areas of Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Pacific region.

“Local inclusion and hands-on capacity-building is a core component of delivering clean energy and water to low-income communities effectively over the long-term,” said Schroeter who holds more than 15 years of experience developing business-based solutions for rural energy and water access.

During the panel discussion, which was titled “Business Models for Engaging at the Base of the Pyramid”, Schroeter detailed Sunlabob’s self-sustaining models that provide rural community members with technical training and bookkeeping and accounting skills to support energy-based micro-enterprises.

Schroeter also stressed the challenge of providing energy and water access to low-income communities without external support from government, multilateral donor agencies or corporate social responsibility programs.

“Delivering energy and water services in poor, rural areas in a way that is sustainable – technically, economically and socially – must be achieved through partnerships,” stressed Schroeter. “Public-private and private-private partnerships are both needed – the need for rural services in the developing world is far too large for the private sector or public sector to tackle alone.”

Schroeter’s presentation can be viewed here.