News 2013

Sunlabob extends solar-powered clean water access at Lao college

Water supply expansion to aid growth of Northern Agriculture and Forestry College campus

This week, Sunlabob and supporting partners of the Northern Agriculture and Forestry College announced their efforts to boost the solar-powered domestic water supply that will facilitate the campus expansion.

Building upon Sunlabob’s previous work at NAFC in 2010 and 2011 – which included establishing the college’s water infrastructure and implementing solar-powered water pumping and purification technologies – the company will install additional solar power generation and extend water pipelines to ensure that two new dormitories, a school building and a ward house are adequately provided water resources.

The college students and staff use the overall water supply as a source of clean drinking water, domestic use and for the irrigation of farming of agriculture and livestock demonstration farms for practical teaching, learning and income generation.

“Extending the supply of clean water will enable the campus to grow, and hopefully, improve their research and training capabilities,” said Andy Schroeter, Sunlabob co-founder and CEO. “Sunlabob is proud to assist the development of academic institutions like NAFC that are so crucial to the country’s advancement.”

Supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the Swiss NGO HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, the college – which is located in the mountainous Luang Prabang Province – plays an important role in the country’s development of market-based farming and sustainable forest management practices.

Given that the agricultural sector provides employment to more than two-thirds of the Lao workforce and makes up more than one-third of the country’s GDP, NAFC plays an important role in helping the country transition from subsistence farming to commercial agriculture.

“A primary goal at NAFC is to provide the best tools and best setting for our students to build the necessary skills for Laos to improve its agricultural sector,” said Mr. Thongsamout Phoummasone, Deputy Director of NAFC. “The solar-based water solutions and training provided by Sunlabob have helped NAFC achieve that goal.”

Sunlabob previously also provided hands-on training sessions with the Solar Water Purification Systems to give students and staff the technical and operational skills to effectively manage and maintain the systems in a self-sustaining manner.

For more information regarding Sunlabob’s solar-powered water solutions please view here and here.