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Myanmar investor forum highlights off-grid renewable energy business opportunities


Sunlabob CEO presents rural energy business models, draws attention to “Telecom Tower—Village Power” and brownfield hybrid mini-grid approaches

This week Sunlabob presented and participated within the “Myanmar Investor Forum: Off-grid Renewable Energy Opportunities” hosted by the Asian Development Bank in the capital city of Nay Pyi Taw.

Andy Schroeter, Sunlabob CEO, spoke on the first day of the forum, focusing on business opportunities in the off-grid energy sector, particularly regarding the development of community-based mini-grids powered by solar and small-hydropower.

“Myanmar’s low rate of electricity access presents substantial opportunity for commercially-viable approaches to rural renewable energy development for years to come,” stated Schroeter. “The combination of rural energy demand, suitable consumer income levels and available natural resources create a very promising business case.”

The Sunlabob presentation identified business-based approaches to providing rural energy services through two specific models.

Schroeter highlighted the opportunity of partnering with the rapidly expanding telecommunications industry, particularly by providing reliable, affordable power to off-grid telecom towers and rural communities.

“Knowing that thousands of off-grid telecom towers will be built in the coming years, the opportunity to provide power to towers and neighboring communities in parallel is a proposition in need of serious consideration,” added Schroeter.

Sunlabob’s “Telecom Tower—Village Power” concept, as well as the company’s approach to displacing diesel generators though solar PV plants, can be viewed further in Schroeter’s presentation.

Sunlabob’s next scheduled public presentation in Myanmar is May 20 at the Myanmar Green Energy Summit in Yangon.