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Sunlabob lends Southeast Asia perspective at EE Global Forum


This week Sunlabob participated in EE Global Forum, a leading international annual gathering in Washington D.C. focused on advancing energy efficiency technology, policy and financing.

Sunlabob’s head of communications Evan Scandling spoke on a panel themed “Encouraging Small and Medium Enterprises to Invest In and Adopt Energy Efficiency” which brought together professionals from the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia to share lessons learned about barriers, opportunities and solutions to scaling up energy efficiency.

Scandling shared many of the key takeaways learned by Sunlabob, which was the first company in Laos registered to perform energy audits.

“Whether in Laos, America or Germany, the same underlying themes affect energy efficiency market development,” said Scandling. “Capacity and skill building, public awareness and availability of financing are common ingredients necessary to seeing increased investment and adoption of energy efficiency.”

Scandling’s presentation focused on the critical need to build awareness in Laos amongst government, academic and private sector organizations.

“It is clear that energy efficiency as a market has little to no chance to develop unless meaningful partnerships are built and utilized between public and private players,” noted Scandling. “The government must provide an enabling environment for the private sector to jump to action, while higher education has an important role in supplying the necessary skills and knowledge to catalyze the uptake of energy efficiency.”

For more information about Sunlabob’s energy efficiency offerings and experience, please visit here.

A summary of the first day’s sessions can be viewed here.