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SMART Myanmar selects Sunlabob for garment factory energy efficiency training and audits

2016 07 Smart Myanmar

Sunlabob’s Yangon office recently finalized a contract with SMART Myanmar, a project funded by the European Union, to deliver energy efficiency technical training and audits at garment factories in Myanmar.

SMART Myanmar, which stands for “SMEs for Environmental Accountability, Responsibility and Transparency”, is a four-year SWITCH Asia project focused on supporting the sustainable production of "Made in Myanmar" garments and increasing the competitiveness of SMEs in the Myanmar garment sector.

Sunlabob, which has implemented commercial and industrial energy efficiency activities in the Mekong region for nearly ten years, will provide hands-on training to SMART’s technical staff, as well as lead energy efficiency audits and action plans for ten factories.

“Our team is pleased to be the technical lead of this project, as it will not only be positive for the garment industry, but also other commercial and industrial operations in Myanmar,” said Evan Scandling, managing director of Sunlabob’s Myanmar office.

“This project is an important step in increasing understanding in Myanmar that energy efficiency is not only a key component of controlling and reducing operational costs – oftentimes leading to an attractive return on investment – but also a way to improve workplace comfort and reduce environmental impact.”

Sunlabob and SMART staff will cooperate in the coming months to conduct the trainings and implement the energy audits. The project will conclude in early-2017 with a presentation of measurable results observed at each garment factory.