Sunlabob Renewable Energy partners with Anita Asia on rooftop solar PV at Myanmar garment factory

Sunlabob Renewable Energy designs, supplies and builds 92.6 kWp rooftop system in Yangon

2017 07 Anita Asia

Sunlabob Renewable Energy, Ltd., a venture-backed company specializing in decentralized renewable energy, recently completed and commissioned a 92.6 kilowatt peak (kWp) rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) installation at Anita Asia Ltd., an Austrian-owned garment factory operating in Yangon since 1997.

The roof-mounted solar system, which uses 356 solar panels, is capable of producing more than 122,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of emissions-free electricity each year, on average.

“Anita Asia’s investment into solar power is firmly anchored by the company’s philosophy of sustainable economic development and continual improvement across all areas of our operations,” said Stephan Seidel, managing director of Anita Asia.

“Nearly 25 percent of Anita’s energy needs in Yangon are now covered by solar-based electricity, which enables the company to save money, reduce its environmental footprint and demonstrate its commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices,” added Seidel.

Designed to operate for 25 years or more, the solar system operates on a self-consumption basis, providing ongoing cost-savings to Anita Asia by reducing the factory’s consumption of grid-based electricity and also diesel fuel during back-up power situations.

“Electricity prices from the main grid in Myanmar will only increase. Anita Asia’s solar power assets will be a cost-savings hedge for many years to come as electricity costs continue to climb,” said Evan Scandling, managing director of Sunlabob’s Myanmar office, which has operated in the country since 2014.

“Sunlabob is thrilled to be working with a forward-thinking organization like Anita Asia. As one of the first commercial entities in Myanmar to adopt solar PV, Anita Asia is again demonstrating its willingness to be a first-mover in new markets,” added Scandling.

The system installed at Anita’s site is the country’s second-ever grid-connected solar system in Myanmar; the first was also installed by Sunlabob in late-2016 at Junction City, a multi-use commercial complex in downtown Yangon.