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Off-grid Solar System for a watersport center in Myanmar

2018 08 Lighting2018 08 Lighting

Sunlabob installs a solar-storage off-grid system for a watersport center & resort in Myanmar. The project is located on the south coast of Myanmar in the Tanintharyi region. The PV system has been designed to be completely self-sufficient without any connection to the public-grid and has no back-up generator which makes the center run purely on solar with battery backup! The solar panels are mounted on four purpose built wood pavilions to provide shade on the beach for the center’s guests. In addition to the solar system, Sunlabob was also contracted for installation of low voltage wiring, lighting and cooling systems such as fans and air-conditioning units.

“Its exciting to work with a progressive client that approaches the tourism sector in an environmentally sustainable way! The center showcases a resilient, self-reliant solar system in the coastal area that meets 100% of the facility’s energy demand! It promotes ecotourism and helps create awareness in its local community,” said Andy Schroeter, CEO of Sunlabob.

“The country has a growing demand for tourism, we believe it’s the right time for the tourism industry to embrace renewable energy sources that is reliable, sustainable and commercially viable!,” added Schroeter.

Sunlabob installs three off-grid solar systems in Laos

In July 2018, Sunlabob installs and commissions three off-grid solar systems at the security posts of a hydropower company in Laos. The security posts that are not connected to the grid are now powered by solar-storage that is designed to supply the total energy demand of the facilities without any additional back-up generator.

Pre-feasibility study to determine the viability of a solar power plant in Laos

Sunlabob in May 2018, signed a contract with a hydro power company to conduct a pre-feasibility study to assess the selected sites using the existing infrastructure and the economic viability to develop a potential solar power plant. The assessment will provide the hydro power company with recommendation and necessary information to base the future staged studies and project development.

Sunlabob concluded a segment specific renewable energy market analysis in Myanmar’s energy sector

In April 2018, Sunlabob concluded a segment specific renewable energy market analysis in Myanmar’s energy sector for a leading utility scale company from Europe. The report helps the company to identify and quantify current consumption/usage and potential commercial growing needs of energy in the emerging market.

Primarily, an extensive survey research was followed comprising of interviews and discussions with key stakeholders in the energy sector across targeted regions of Myanmar. Under a national agenda to attain universal electricity access by 2030, an overview of the National Electrification Plan (NEP) and the complex energy policy environment was also outlined in the report. Information was also gathered and compiled from paid databases, published reports of Myanmar’s development partners and by contacting & surveying private regional key players of the energy market. Additionally, a techno-economic assessment of potential RE systems was undertaken to provide the client visibility of the opportunities targeted that set the report apart.

Sunlabob’s Lao team conducted a hands-on solar and introduction on hydropower training in Vientiane

2018 04 Training

In February 2018, Sunlabob’s Lao team conducted a four days hands-on solar and introduction on hydropower training in Vientiane for participants from faculty of engineering, National University of Laos.

The solar training provided was bilingual (Lao and in English) and was broken into introduction of components, factoring consumption demand, system sizing and calculation, AC and DC coupling with trials on industrial software such as Helioscope, Homer Pro, AutoCAD etc. The participants were divided into two groups for a hands-on learning by doing installation of a DC solar home system and an AC 3kW solar grid connected system at Sunlabob’s premises.

The hydro training comprised of types of hydropower with updated list of existing and planned hydro plants in Lao with its generation capacity and the pivotal role it plays in economic growth by exporting the electricity to the neighboring countries such as Thailand and Vietnam.

Sunlabob installs 18.2kW grid- connected solar photovoltaic system in Savannakhet, Lao PDR

2018 01 Solar Grid

In December 2017, Sunlabob completed the installation of a 18.2kW grid-connected solar photovoltaic system for a non-governmental organization called Sengsavang located in Savannakhet Province, South of Laos.

Sengsavang contracted Sunlabob for a turn-key package of engineering design, procurement, installation, commission and post-sales maintenance. The grid-connect solar PV system was an ideal solution for Sengsavang with lower upfront cost than a system with battery bank (energy storage). The energy harvested will be consumed by Sengsavang themselves, reducing the monthly electricity bill and overall, reduce its environmental footprint.

“Given the long association that Sunlabob has with Sengsavang, we are proud to have installed a grid-connect solar system that will bring in ongoing cost-savings to this great organization” said Daophet Vongsakhamhoui, Head of Community Development, Sunlabob.

About Sengsavang: It’s a non-governmental organization that provides protection and assistance to victims and girls at risk of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Laos. Additionally, Sengsavang offers education, job skills development and micro-business starter kits to support a sustainable community reintegration to the victims.