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Off-grid Solar System for a watersport center in Myanmar

2018 08 Lighting2018 08 Lighting

Sunlabob installs a solar-storage off-grid system for a watersport center & resort in Myanmar. The project is located on the south coast of Myanmar in the Tanintharyi region. The PV system has been designed to be completely self-sufficient without any connection to the public-grid and has no back-up generator which makes the center run purely on solar with battery backup! The solar panels are mounted on four purpose built wood pavilions to provide shade on the beach for the center’s guests. In addition to the solar system, Sunlabob was also contracted for installation of low voltage wiring, lighting and cooling systems such as fans and air-conditioning units.

“Its exciting to work with a progressive client that approaches the tourism sector in an environmentally sustainable way! The center showcases a resilient, self-reliant solar system in the coastal area that meets 100% of the facility’s energy demand! It promotes ecotourism and helps create awareness in its local community,” said Andy Schroeter, CEO of Sunlabob.

“The country has a growing demand for tourism, we believe it’s the right time for the tourism industry to embrace renewable energy sources that is reliable, sustainable and commercially viable!,” added Schroeter.