Concept Papers

Our archive of concept papers and presentations that have become important for the development of our approaches.


New and improved Solar Lantern Rental System Programme Description (620 KB)


Sunlabob's Commitment to Corporate Responsibility in Laos
Presentation at the OECD-ESCAP Conference on Corporate Responsibility "Why Responsible Business Conduct Matters", Bangkok, 2-3 November 2009.
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Making drinking water in remote villages safe, reliable, sustainable and affordable.
Paper about the Sunlabob Drinking Water System.
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Profitable and affordable energy services for remote areas in Lao PDR and other parts of the world
Presentation at the Renewable Energy Asia 2008, Bitec - Bangkok, June 2008.
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Private Public Partnership - an innovative approach for hybrid village grids in remote off-grid areas
Presentation at the PV-Hybrid and Mini-Grid Conference, Greece, May 2008.
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Profitable and affordable energy services for remote areas in Lao PDR: Private – Public Partnership as mutual leverage for Hybrid Village Grids in areas off the national grid
Paper for the 4th European Conference on PV-hybrid systems and Mini-grids, Athens, Greece, 29th and 30th May 2008.
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Solar recharging stations - selling hours of solar lighting in the evenings
Report about the solar lantern service of Sunlabob using commercial charging stations in the villages.
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Profitable and affordable energy services for remote areas of Lao PDR (revised)
Updated version of previous presentation
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Profitable and affordable energy services for remote areas of Lao PDR
Renewable Energy presentation, providing an overview of Sunlabob's services, focusing on rural projects.
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United in diversity – presentation
An overview of Sunlabob’s solar power project for Tsunami victims in Indonesia.
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Solar Lanterns – presentation
Initial concept for solar lamp project.
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PV-Hybrid power supply for Lao villages (paper in German)
PV-Hybrid-Dorfstromversorgung in Laos – Profitabel für Versorgungsunternehmen mit bezahlbaren Preisen für die ländliche Bevölkerung?
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Solar charging stations for household lighting ("solar lamps")
A solution for the low-income households in Lao villages. We have developed this concept to take up the suggestion by Village Energy Committees to try to provide a solution for those lower-income households in a village who cannot even afford the rent of a solar home system. After some operational explorations based mainly on our rental network, we believe we have found a solution that is economically viable without subsidies, and even creates another business opportunity in a village.
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Solar pumps for commercial production in remote Lao villages
Sunlabob is a Lao company operating in the solar markets. It has established rental services for solar home systems in Lao PDR. We were awarded the DM-prize of the World Bank for these rental mechanisms. Sunlabob now intends to develop rental services for productive use of solar energy, beginning with solar pumping for producing cash-crops.
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Pilot village grid surveyed
In Nam Kha in Xiengkhuang Province, Sunlabob has surveyed the pilot village grid. This will be the test environment for integrating all the various technologies and procedures for operating a 220 Volt grid in a remote village. Small hydro turbines, solar generators, and biofuel generator sets will all combine to feed into a village grid owned by the village. We are searching for public and private investors into this new venture.
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Sunlabob explores Biofuel
Sunlabob has entered into an agreement with the Lao Association for Organic Products Promotion (LAOPP) for developing and testing the potential for using biofuel to operate electric generators. LAOPP has convincingly demonstrated that diesel engines can be operated with oil extracted under village conditions from the commonly growing perennial plant Jatropha curcas. The objective of the agreement is to organize the production, processing, and utilization of locally produced Jatropha oil for rural electrification. This fits well with the hybrid generation concept for village grids.
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Solar School Systems as a community effort. An investment proposal.
How can funding agencies ensure that villages can afford to have electricity in their schools on a sustained and reliable basis over more than 20 years? This proposal shows how. A first attempt at a prospectus for potential investments into a specific sub-fund in the Rental Fund for "Solar Community Systems".
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The Rental Fund for rural electrification
A presentation to bankers and funding agencies.
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Public-Private cooperation for building and operating village level hybrid energy grids (hydro-solar). (40 KB)
Hybrid Village Grid. How to operate it, how to fund it.
A presentation that explains the financing and operations for village grids in Lao PDR: Public funding of fixed assets that belong to the village (grid, civil works, etc) leverages private funding and operation of movable assets (generators, batteries, turbines) and vice versa.
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Solar Community System
Explanation for village authorities about various types of agreements with Sunlabob.
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Experiences with Public Private Partnership in rural electrification
A presentation that draws on the experiences Sunlabob made in the PPP with GTZ for launching the rental service.
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Make electricity affordable for remote villages through rental systems.
Presentation explaining rental system concept.
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Income generation with solar energy. A concept note.
A first effort at understanding what is needed to make sure solar equipment actually earns money, and not only costs money.
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