Solar Cooling with Solar Fridge

What it is

solar cooling-1

By harnessing solar energy, Solar Cooling Systems are able to keep much needed vaccines at their appropriate temperature to avoid spoilage. Vaccines are the most cost-effective healthcare intervention. Yet, they are still largely unavailable in developing countries. They are difficult to transport because they lose their effectiveness if not kept within certain temperatures. As such, health posts struggle to effectively vaccinate the remote and sparse populations of Laos. These systems are perfect for areas of the developing world where electricity is unreliable or non-existent.

How it works

A standard fridge and freezer runs on AC Voltage and needs approximately 1200 Wh of energy/day. To run such a device with solar power, you will need a strong AC inverter, about 450 Wp of solar panels and a battery set with 500 Ah. Thus, it is not economical to run a standard fridge/freezer with solar energy.

Solar fridges and freezers on the other hand run on DC voltage (12/24 V) with a brushless compressor. No inverter is needed, and the refrigerator consumes only 150 Wh of energy per day. The required solar system is small, comprising of a 70 Wp solar panel and a 70Ah battery. On the whole, the solar fridge and freezer minimises the customer’s total system cost.


Apart from health posts, the solar fridge system is also ideal for eco-resorts, home use and commercial use of cooling or freezing service like: markets, stores, beverage vending, ice making.