Solar Village Grid

What it is

Solar Village Grid

Sunlabob’s Solar Village Grids are supported by battery backup and sometimes generators. During the day, the solar panels produce electricity which feeds the immediate electrical needs of the village and re-charges the battery bank. At night the batteries supply the electrical demand of the village. The systems are customized to meet the load of the village therefore making every village grid system slightly different. Electrical needs are covered by power from the batteries on days without sunshine.

How it works

A solar village grid can provide basic electrical needs to a whole community of 50-1,000 households. Each household can be provided with efficient room lighting and have power points to run small electrical items such as radios, CD players, phone chargers, small TVs or netbook computers. It can also be used to power lighting and entertainment equipment in a village community centre or for a refrigerator in a village health station. The system is affordable. Typically villagers pay less for their solar powered lights than they would have spent on kerosene lighting. There is also no pollution and safety hazards.


For communities in off-grid areas.