Solar Water Heater System

What it is

Sunlabob’s Solar Water Heater Systems are a cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home/office/hospital/ school. They can be used in any climate, and the energy source- the sunshine, is free. Solar water heater systems include collectors and storage tanks, it should be noted that collectors for solar water heaters differ from solar panels in that they do not generate electricity. Solar water heating is a well proven, relatively simple and effective way to heat water.

How it works

Cold water supply is connected to the solar storage tank. Water to be heated circulates between the storage tank and the solar collectors and is stored in the water tank itself. The water outlet serves households with hot water, meanwhile the tank is getting refilled with cold water again circulating and thus being heated in the collector and returning to the storage tank. Collectors can either be of flat plate or vacuum tube technology, with vacuum tubes generally being more efficient but also more fragile.


Anywhere that requires hot water, or currently has hot water system can be fitted (or retro-fitted) with a solar hot water system this includes but is not limited to houses, hospitals, offices, schools, hotels, guest houses etc.