Wastewater Treatment System - DEWATS

What it is

DEWATS is a wastewater treatment system that is reliable and low-cost in operation. It can treat organic wastewater from both domestic and industrial source with flows from 1 to 1000 m3 per day. The DEWATS system is an effective and efficient wastewater treatment solution that minimizes water and soil pollution in housing complex/settlements. DEWATS technology is based on the principle of low cost and low-maintenance since most important parts are locally available and work without technical energy inputs. Standard applications are based on four basic treatments using sedimentation and flocculation, and anaerobic and aerobic treatment using different filter and ponds.

How it works



DEWATS has been successfully applied to housing complex/settlements, schools, organic home-industries as well as hotels, hospitals, animal husbandries, slaughter houses and municipal septage treatment plant.